How does a compact unit provide hundreds of hand washes at a time without plumbing or maintenance?


The secret is in the design.  Using commercial-grade parts and our unique design we can achieve amazing results within a small footprint.  This mobile hand wash station will be able to handle a continual stream of users all day with affecting performance.

Are your hand wash stations suitable for healthcare/hygiene use?


Yes, all wetted parts are food grade or WRAS approved, the thermostatic mixing valve is a TMV3, and the overflow is removed for healthcare applications.

How do they work?


There are internal water containers to be filled with clean water and emptied of waste water.  A pump provides water pressure and an electric water heater combined with a thermostatic mixing valve provides consistent output of 42 degrees Celsius.

How many washes will it do per fill up?


The MHS1010 will provide over 100 washes, and the MHS2020 over 200.  This is based on extensive testing which shows 180-200ml of water is used per wash if hands are washed as per the NHS recommendation (remember: sing happy birthday twice!)

Do we have to use the external water connections?


No, these are entirely optional - if you prefer to plumb in the clean water and/or waste, then we provide external connections for this.  It will save you having to refill/empty the internal water containers, but definitely isn't a requirement.  It's designed as a completely portable sink that will adapt to whatever services you have available (or not!).  It does have to be plugged in to a standard 230V socket though.

What upkeep is required?


For standard operation it will just need the clean water tank refilling periodically, and the waste water tank needs to be emptied at the same time.  The MHS2020 has dual tanks as standard, so the unit can still be used while the water is being replenished, additional tanks can be purchased for the MHS1010 to be stored separately.  Also, if you have the optional soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser, then these will need to be replenished.

Does the hand wash unit need servicing?


Our recommendation is for an annual service check which can be performed by a competent person, see the Operation & Maintenance manual for more details.

We need these quickly, when will we get them if we order today?


Our standard lead time is 5-7 working days, but get in touch if you need them more urgently on 020 3026 3650.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?


Call us now on 020 3026 3650, or send a message through the contact form below, or email us on info@deckpro.uk.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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